Mission I’mPOSSIBLE.

I’mPOSSIBLE. is a global social enterprise, established in London, UK in 2009 by Simone Bresi-Ando a PR expert, social commentator and female empowerment activist.

The organisation helps women and girls of colour define success, joy and wellbeing on their own terms through live events, digital conversations and lifestyle tools.


  • I’mPOSSIBLE. has helped to change the lives of women and girls of colour, by showing others like them and their routes to success.

  • I’mPOSSIBLE. provides solutions to various social issues affecting this dynamic group by partnering, supporting and signposting organisations, information and individuals that celebrate, empower, encourage in line with our ethos.

  • I’mPOSSIBLE. acts as a wise advocate and inspiring friend to women and girls of colour.