The I’mPOSSIBLE. awards has 10 categories:

Amplifying the POSSIBLE (Media)
This award recognises a powerhouse gatekeeper and their contribution to TV, print, radio and/or digital media.

Beautifying the POSSIBLE (Fashion and beauty)
This female makes the POSSIBLE beautiful. Her leadership in the fashion and beauty world influences the style on the industry and followers at large.

Creating the POSSIBLE (Literary and creative arts)
This award is to recognise a female’s superior performance and significant contribution to the literary & creative arts.

Economising the POSSIBLE (Business)
This award recognises a female that has created a business or social enterprise which shows entrepreneurship, innovation, dynamism, tenacity, charisma and business acumen that not only impacts the way we live, but also adds value to our life experience.

Harmonising the POSSIBLE (Community)
This award recognises a female’s outstanding work and extraordinary achievement by an individual working in their community with continued dedication and determination to improve the lives of others.


Influencing the POSSIBLE (Politics)
This award recognises a female who is a champion, fearless advocate, campaigner and mouthpiece who constantly strives for a better society for all.


Performing the POSSIBLE (Performing arts)
This award will honour a female’s outstanding contribution to any part of the performing arts such as acting, dance and music.


Sporting the POSSIBLE (Sport)
Through any form of sport, this female uses her talent and ability to push the boundaries of the human body.


Living Legend
This female made it POSSIBLE for us. This award is granted to an individual over the age of 50 who has paved the way for future generations to follow.

Young, gifted and POSSIBLE!
This female is being celebrated because she embraces and embodies the POSSIBLE. Being between the ages of 12-21 years of age, her achievements may not be recognised on a world scale but they would have made a difference to not only her, but the people around her. This female has come into our consciousness for her talent in the last 12 months. She not only threatens the status quo in her field, but is also set for her work to be around for years to come.