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I’mPOSSIBLE survey closes December 31st!

Dec 19 / 2014 12:00AM

The first and biggest demographics survey for British women of colour closes on Wednesday, December 31 at 11:45pm.

Entitled ‘The Invisible majority: defining success and debunking the myths’ the survey is set to lift the lid on the lives of a dynamic group of women who often get overlooked, stereotyped or just plain ignored!  We want to change that, we want to give you an authentic voice.

As we’re true to the season’s spirit, from today (December 19) we’re giving away the chance for one lucky winner to get £150 House of Fraser vouchers for completing the survey via the emailed link by 10am December 29.  Winners will be announced between December 29-31, 2014, terms and conditions apply.
*Request the link by emailing:* or take the survey here.


ImP demographics survey 2014 poster 6


Survival tips for the survey:

  • The revolution doesn’t take 10 minutes! The survey takes an hour or so – breathe, it’s an important document because it’s about YOU. Do it in bits, do it at your leisure, but remember to DO IT.
  • There’s a ‘save and exit’ button at the top right hand part of the survey page, remember to click this every few pages so you don’t lose any of your answers if your computer crashes.
  • Filling out the survey via the link emailed to you from I’mPOSSIBLE means you can complete it from multiple devices.  Filling out the survey via this website means you can only fill it out from one device. You can always save your answers no matter what method you choose.
  • If you fill out and complete the survey by 10am, December 29 via the link emailed to you from I’mPOSSIBLE you’ll be automatically entered into the second prize draw to win £150 House of Fraser vouchers (full info above)
  • Lastly, you are creating her-story, be very proud of yourself. You’re changing the game for the better.


Eulanda Shead winner of £250 John Lewis vouchers


Take a look at how important people think the survey is…

For more information on the survey, please contact us.

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