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Black Girls Rock! 2013 shines a light on I’mPOSSIBLE – watch BET, Tues Nov 5, 8pm

Nov 04 / 2013 12:00AM

Black Girls Rock! 2013

It’s with the greatest pleasure to announce that this year’s screening of Black Girls Rock! on BET, Sky channel 187 tomorrow (Tuesday, November 5) at 8pm will be shining a spotlight on I’mPOSSIBLE and the women it celebrates.

One of the many sparks of inspiration for creating I’mPOSSIBLE came from Simone Bresi-Ando’s visit to the 2009 Black Girls Rock! ceremony in New York. It’s a deep honour for her passion project to be given a salute from Black Girls Rock! on the global BET platform.  This ensures the work of I’mPOSSIBLE, the role models and stories of these glorious women of colour are properly and globally celebrated for all to enjoy and be inspired by.

Commenting on the show, Simone Bresi-Ando, founder of I’mPOSSIBLE said:

“Seeing how far I’mPOSSIBLE has come since its inception in 2009 amazes me somewhat but I understand it’s rapid rise as it was a much needed platform.  One that was nurturing, positive and celebratory of women of colour in a global sense.  The fact that I’mPOSSIBLE is helping to connect the dots in women’s lives globally with a specific focus on the life journeys, successes and achievements of women of colour I couldn’t be more happier.  I’m really excited to see what else I can do with I’mPOSSIBLE…the POSSIBILITIES really are endless and so are my dreams. Thank you all for believing in me and ultimately, yourselves.”

Black Girls Rock! started life in 2006 as a foundation dedicated to the healthy development of young women of color, and the creation of a dialogue about the portrayal of women in the media. BGR! is a growing non- profit consisting of permanent mentors, guest speakers, DJ instructors, and an extensive board of founders and supporters. The organization was founded in by celebrity DJ Beverly Bond and is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.  The Black Girls Rock! Awards are now featured on BET and feature celebrity performances and honors given to women who are inspirational and positive influences within the industry.

Make sure you support all the amazing women BGR! and I’mPOSSIBLE highlights by watching:

Black Girls Rock! 2013
Sky Channel 187
Tuesday, November 5

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