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In conversation with brilliance; British women of colour share their life stories to inspire. February 8, 2012

Feb 09 / 2012 12:00AM

Yesterday (Wednesday, February 8 ) Pearson’s London headquarters saw a trailblazing panel of British women of colour share their life stories with an attentive, eager to learn, engaged and positive audience for the second; I’mPOSSIBLE conversation.


The panel, in conversation


Beautifully hosted by Charlene White, ITN news presenter and journalist; the five-strong panel of company secretary and chief legal head of Waitrose and John Lewis; Margaret Caseley-Hayford, actress, singer and now author; Michelle Gayle, Hackney Vicar and chaplain to the speaker of the House of Commons; Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin, official dentist on Channel 4’s ’10 Years Younger’ and clinical director of London Smiling group; Dr Uchenna Okoye and the first black female consultant orthopaedic consultant; Miss Samantha Tross.


L-R: Charlene White (host), Miss Samantha Tross, Michelle Gayle, Simone Bresi-Ando, Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin and Dr Uchenna Okoye


Abu Bundu-Kamara, Head of Diversity, Pearson commented:

“Pearson is incredibly proud to support the second I’mPOSSIBLE conversation, which recognises and celebrates the outstanding achievements and talent of British women of colour.  Our support for the event is all about recognising talent and diversity in whatever form it takes.  On behalf of everyone at Pearson, I’d like to congratulate Simone Bresi-Ando and her team for a truly inspirational event.  We look forward to their accomplishments still to come.”


Abu Bundu-Kamara, Head of Diversity, Pearson


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And the event in pictures:

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See you at the next one 😉

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Margaret Casely-Hayford / February 12, 2012 /

If you missed this event, try to make sure you don’t miss the next one! As a panelist, I found it a privilege to share the rostrum with such impressive women; and really enjoyed meeting members of the audience -many of whom were similarly high-achieving.
It was a really well organised, worthwhile event. Thank you to Pearson plc for hosting it and congratulations to Simone for making it seem so effortlessly slick; and I hope the sponsors get a whole lot of new custom for realising that there is a great big missed opportunity out there if you ignore the black female purchasing community.

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