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Taking care of the POSSIBLE: I see therefore, it will be

Jan 03 / 2012 12:00AM

See that vision...

I’ve got a question for you…

Do you know what you want?


Think about it…do you?  And if you do, are you on a realistic path to achieving it? Do you actually believe you can do it?  Heavy questions aren’t they, but fitting on New Year’s Eve as it’s the time where you can right all your wrongs and really start on the road to the life you want.  But what is key to this, is vision.


Nothing is more motivating than a constant reminder of where you want to be in life. That house, those shoes, that promotion, that partner with 2.4 kids.  When you’re looking at these things over the fence it can be hard to see how you can actually be on the inside but vision will always put you where you should be.  An important tool in making things happen the way you want it to is by using a vision board (this can sometimes be a book too); this is essentially, when you surround yourself with images of who you want to become.  This a first (and important) step towards the journey of  living the most fulfilling life you can lead, the best thing about your vision board is that it belongs entirely to you!


An example of a vision board


When creating your vision board/book make sure that it is full of only positive things. Include inspirational quotes, job aspirations, things that you would like to achieve , places you would like to visit, personal traits you would like to change/enhance;  nothing is too extreme . Try and make it as visually stimulating as possible by including cut outs from magazines, newspapers and photographs of yourself. Vision Books are a more portable format and allow you to carry your dreams wherever you go, this can be a great pick me up for a bad day at work or school. Remember, you can also update your board/book to change/grow as your aspirations do. There’s nothing better than starting your new year on a positive note so create those vision books/boards and get to believing and manifesting the destiny you’ve always wanted.

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